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„Baubo“ – LOTUS- Charity


Demeter, the earth mother, had a lovely daughter named Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades, the god of the underworld, and carried off into the depths of the earth. Persephone’s cries for help reached the surface of the earth, but Demeter could not free her daughter. Filled with grief and anger, she cursed all life and growth on earth and brought barrenness upon the entire world. Demeter tore her hair, she tore her robe and would not be brought to her senses. Until one day, the belly goddess Baubo said: “Now that’s enough. Now I will appear to good old Demeter!” Demeter hung weeping over a well into which she was shouting her daughter’s name when a headless female hulk appeared directly in front of her. The torso sat down on the edge of the well, swaying its hips suggestively in circles like a seductive belly dancer, that its breasts bobbed up and down, and its nipples led up like red-rimmed eyes that gazed pertly at Demeter. The vagina, which served as a mouth for the torso, now began to give a few juicy jokes, which at first only elicited a furtive smile from the earth mother, but soon moved her to a real smirk and finally snatched a laugh from her that burst impetuously from her belly. There the two immortals sat on the edge of the well and laughed, and their divine neighing also lured the other gods, even Hades appeared and Persephone escaped.

(cf. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, The Wolf Woman, 1993)

50% of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to the DESERT FLOWER FOUNDATION

For the education and prevention of female genital mutilation.


Creativity against cruelty

“If you want to improve the world, you help a fellow human being and motivate others to do the same”.
Art for a good cause: to raise awareness and educate about the brutal ritual of female genital mutilation,- a ritual of female genital mutilation, we gathered artists from all over the world in September 2018 and had a exhibition at EGA. Our aim is to raise public awareness through art and to draw attention to the inhumane practice about female genital mutilation. With more than 50 international artists, we offer an exhibition and public presentation of our idea at our launch.

Against the backdrop of creating an intercultural exchange platform and promoting the critical discourse in an expressive and impressive way, we have presented, among others, live painting, dance performances and music, among other things, we took a creative stand on difficult issues.
Half of the proceeds from “LOTUS” went to an institution for education and prevention of female genital mutilation. In this case to DESERT FLOWER FOUNDATION (

Why Lotus? A flower with a lot of meaning
Throughout world history, the lotus flower has had far-reaching symbolism in many cultures and religions.
religions. From ancient Egypt to Buddhism to the rediscovery in modern yoga circles, the interpretation of the lotus flower ranges from rebirth and eternity, cosmic harmony
purity, love and beauty to the symbolisation of the vagina, the centre of our charity event. the centre of our charity event. We have bridged the gap between the colourful abstract world of art and the equally colourful but also cruel reality in which we all find ourselves.
in which we all find ourselves, in order to create a change of perspective and to perspectives that can bring about change.


Pictures say more than words


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