Art beyond Charitable Foundation | Title : sunflowers

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  • Title : Sunflowers
  • Oil on canvas
  • Size : 40 *60
  • Shipping 14 Days
  • Shipping costs: EUR 5,-

Oksana Steidl has been supporting two Ukrainian families since March 2022.
They are accommodated in the Kolping House in Stockerau.

One of them is the Silukova family, mother and two children, the husband had to stay behind in Ukraine. The mother, Anastasia Silukova, is an artist. Since she has been in Austria, Mrs Steidl has been able to establish and finance a workshop at the Kolping House.

In Ukraine she has been very involved in charity work. She has helped and financially supported children with disabilities and orphans. In 2018, she founded the “Art beyond Charitable Foundation”, of which she is still the director.

With her project at the Kolpinghaus in Stockerau, she teaches the children of immigrants from Ukarine how to paint with her workshop. In this way she helps the children to recover psychologically faster and to get rid of the fear they experienced during the days of war in Ukraine.

This project aims to support children in Ukraine. Many children there suffer greatly and are traumatised by the war. The situation in the country has robbed them of their usual childhood !

We would therefore like to exhibit the children’s pictures from the workshop in Stockerau and offer them for sale. The children and I are convinced that the proceeds from the sale of these pictures can contribute to helping the children in Ukraine to believe in the good again and not to lose hope.

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