The “Guardians of Time”

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The “Guardians of Time” set out on their journey ten years ago.
and journey. Whether as a life-size cloth object hardened with polyester resin, as a silver miniature or as a handy plastic sculpture, the “Guardians of Time” know how to convince.

The “Guardians of Time” are also skilfully staged at events such as the Festival of Lights in Berlin or at exhibitions such as the Vienna Art & Antiques Fair in the Künstlerhaus and the Hofburg, as well as at the Art & Antique in the Salzburg Residenz. Kielnhofer pays special attention to the technical perfection of the individual sculptures.Kielnhofer is not only a sculptor, he always skilfully sits on the guerrilla tactics. Thus he has already been to the Venice Biennale, Art Basel and, most recently, the documenta in Kassel with his life-size guards – mostly without invitation.


Fiberglas Polyester
40 x 41 x 39cm
EUR 290

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